Learn About Comfort Choices

Todayís mattresses come in a variety of comfort levels, so just about anybody can find a model to enjoy. Take a look at the following descriptions of comfort distinctions so that you can make an informed decision about which level of comfort is best for you.


Many people enjoy the stiff, supportive feeling of a firm mattress, but not all mattresses labeled as firm feel hard. Some firm mattresses feel almost plush, so if you donít want a rock hard mattress, there may still be a firm model you enjoy. Contrary to popular belief, firm mattresses arenít the only option for sleepers with a bad back. While they can be beneficial to those sleepers who already enjoy firm comfort, they arenít the only option for sleepers with back pain.


Plush mattresses are a great choice for sleepers who donít have a strict preference for either very firm or very soft mattresses. Plush mattresses are a good compromise mattress for couples with varying comfort preferences. For instance, if your partner prefers a soft mattress, and you prefer a firm, you can meet in the middle with a plush mattress that you both will find comfortable. Plush mattresses give the feeling of soft initial comfort with deep down support, and they can suit just about any sleeping style.

Pillow and Euro Top

A pillow top is a layer or more of comfort materials that lie on top of the mattress, looking almost like a pillow resting above the mattress quilt. A euro top is essentially the same thing, except itís sewn to sit flush with the rest of the mattress. Both pillow tops and euro tops bring added softness to a mattress, which can be very beneficial for sleepers who are looking for specific comfort. For example, a pillow or euro top on a firm mattress can help to soften the initial feeling when you lie down. Similarly, a pillow or euro top on a plush mattress can make it even more soft, which is great for sleepers who enjoy the feeling of sleeping in cloudy, enveloping comfort.

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