Learn How to Shop

Shopping for a new mattress can seem like a daunting task. With so many manufactures promising to give you the best sleep of your life, it can be hard to determine which mattress will, in fact, be the best one for you. At SpeedyMattress, we know how difficult it can be to find a mattress. Thatís why weíre here! SpeedyMattress makes it easy for you to find the right mattress for you - after just a few clicks! As you begin your search for a new mattress, follow these easy steps to ensure you find your new mattress easily and quickly.

Select a Size

This might be the easiest decision you have to make. Usually, before we start shopping for a mattress, we know what size we need. However, if youíve moved to a new location or youíre getting a new bed frame, you should make sure you get the exact size you need. Choosing the wrong size could be a costly mistake, but measuring your space and your bed can help you determine which size you should get.

Select Your Comfort

Many sleepers have a strict preference for the comfort level of a mattress. Others arenít as picky and can find comfort on most mattresses. If you have a strict preference for either very firm or very soft mattresses, then this is also an easy step for you. If youíre unsure which level of comfort is best for you, then you should probably stick with something neutral. Usually plush mattresses have a medium level of comfort and can please just about any type of sleeper.

Select Your Model

After you determine what size mattress you need, and which level of comfort is best for you, then you can begin to look at specific mattresses to find which have features that will best suit your sleeping style, as well as your comfort and support preferences. At SpeedyMattress, youíll only find trusted brands that stand the test of time. When you purchase a budget or no name mattress, you can never really be sure what is inside. When you shop with SpeedyMattress, you can be sure exactly what is in every mattress so that you can decide which one will give you the best sleep.

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